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Payment for Services is Easy!

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By Athena
Mar 25, 2015

Paying for your landscaping services has become even easier, with this handy paypal link button.  This adds one more method of payment to the options already available at Seeds of Wisdom, LLC.


1) Click on the button "pay now". This will direct you to website.

2) Type the invoice amount in the pop-up window,

3) Click 'UPDATE', which will then update the amount you are to pay,

4) Log into your pay pal account for fast, convenient and secure payment from the account you have designated in Paypal or from here pay via credit card.

Please note that this service does cost Seeds of Wisdom between 2.4% and 3.4% of your invoice amount.  If you would like to help cover the cost of this service by adding it to the amount you designate as payment, this would be greatly appreciated and will help offset the cost of providing this efficient model of payment.  Hopefully this will be a sustainable model, as we prefer not to oblige you to pay this amount in addition to your invoice.

Seeds of Wisdom, LLC is continually striving toward the efficiency of a permaculture model, whether this be in the garden or in the office.  We hope that this payment option helps you maintain efficiency in your life as well!

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