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Aug 21, 2012

Seeds of Wisdom, LLC, in partnership with McCormick Architects, designed the landscape for the new Guadalupe Credit Union branch.  Here are the 4 landscape pages which encorporate a beautiful aesthetic and entrance to the branch while maintaining a conciousness of native and adaptable plants and passive water harvesting.  The main planting beds are sunken and will receive additional rainfall through the use of curb cutting.

L-1 shows the overview of the landscape:

[ Download/View GCU_final_L-1.pdf ]

L-2 provides the planting detail: 

[ Download/View GCU_final_L-2.pdf ]

L-3 shows soil stabilizing and passive water details.  Seeds of Wisdom, LLC worked with Design Enginuity for grade and curb cut engineering.  Details not seen here are available on the engineering pages:

[ Download/View GCU_final_L-3.pdf ]

L-4 provides irrigation details:

[ Download/View GCU_final_L-4.pdf ]

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