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Cornell Tree Inventory

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By Athena Beshur
Jul 20, 2017

Inventorying trees helps identify species that do well in our climate and those that do not.  Quantifying tree value in carbon sequestered, stormwater averted, and oxygen produced offers policymakers real data on which to base decisions.  Through the work of the Municipal Tree Board, in partnership with the Master Gardener Association, Santa Fe began inventorying trees in Fall of 2015.

Here attached is the first park for 2017: Harvey Cornell Rose Park.  By inputting data into i-Tree Eco tree inventory software program, benefits, value and diversity is assessed.  These numbers are based on national averages and are approximations.  For example air pollution removal is only as large as actual pollution in our air.  Stormwater collection is only deep as water that falls.

Please stay tuned to see more parks as their data is collected!

Check out the City of Santa Fe GIS portal where trees are located!


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