Alto (Bicentennial) Park Tree Inventory

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Alto (Bicentennial) Park Tree Inventory Results

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Cornell Tree Inventory

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The Municipal Tree Board is partnering with Master Gardener Association to inventory trees in Santa Fe, NM.  Here is the report for Harvey Cornell Rose Park, developed through i-Tree Software.

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Santa Fe Tree Inventory Report

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Athena Beshur has analyzed the data from the first year of community-driven inventorying of Santa Fe trees in the city parks.  This data is now available through this report to the public.  Please respect proper citation protocol.

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Urban Fruit Trees

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Support the United Nations challenge to end hunger by 2025!


Plant into the Urban Farm and Urban Fruit Forest!

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Southwest Urban Forestry Initiative

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Santa Fe does not exist separate from its forest.  It exists within it.  In order to help create a more forested city, Seeds of Wisdom, LLC has implemented the

Southwest Urban Forestry Initiative (SUFI)