Winter Watering

Posted in: Winter
By Athena Beshur
Dec 20, 2009

Throughout the winter landscapes require some moisture. Much of this is provided with snowfall. However, some additional watering is needed especially for the hot spots in the garden and new plants.

I recommend that the entire garden, except for the chamisas and the native trees, receive additional water one time per month, unless we have substantial snowfall. This includes all the trees, butterfly bushes, and the various other shrubs and perennials around the house. Allow the water to deeply penetrate into the soil, especially when watering trees. Trees have deep root systems, and the water should be able to reach these depths.

All the new plants should receive moisture two times per month while the irrigation is turned off. The plants in the hot spots and ones that have struggled throughout the year should also receive a good watering two times a month. The best bet is to check the soil. If it is dry, the variability in temperature will desiccate the roots. The mulch added last year will help with this fluctuation.

I find that having a couple hoses going at lower pressure and moving between them works very efficiently to water several areas at once. This especially works well for larger plants that require deeper moisture.

I hope this helps with the winter watering in your garden.